Thanks to all of our wonderful followers online, you are an important part of our outreach as we seek to be the mission of God in Raymond Terrace. Our church is growing in faith and in number, but we need financial means in order to make the most of the opportunities God places in our path. We currently serve the town in a number of ways


You can help us

  1. We provide a place where the worship of God is of first importance, continuing the zealous Evangelism of St Paul, and remaining true to the Catholic Tradition of St Peter.
  2. We provide food and conversation to those struggling to make ends meet through our Parish Pantry. 
  3. We support local initiatives to support the community such as The Friendship Group (for immigrants to Australia); The Grandparents As Parents (GAPS) group; Milo's Table in conjunction with The Redeye Cafe, and many more. 
  4. We host 'Wine and Theology' to help people to deepen their Spirituality and understanding of God, as well as providing Cell Groups where smaller groups can gather to support, encourage, and learn. 
  5. We provide Marriage, Baptismal, and Funeral Services for the town. 
  6. We keep a sacred space of beauty in town, and support the Arts with our (kids) Art Club, Art Illumina workshops, choir and band. 
  7. We give an historic reference point for the pioneer days of Port Stephens.

These are just a few of the reasons why we would like you to consider supporting our mission financially. If every member of our group gave the equivalent of the price a cup of coffee per week, then we would be secure financially to flourish and to expand our ministry.


Here’s how:

Internet Banking:

Set up Periodic Payment

To Pay: Anglican Church Raymond Terrace
Description: Church offering
BSB: 032515
A/C Number: 861252
Payment Frequency: Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly
Starting Date:
Until further notice...

One off donations can be done via the above, or through our website,, hitting the 'Donate' key at on the homepage.

By COMING! And placing money in the collection plate.

Please do continue to follow us on here, this will not become a place to continually ask for money, but we are passionate about what we do and want to ensure we can not only maintain our presence, but increase it.