In the gospel of Mark it is recorded that Jesus healed St Peter’s mother-in-law. Following this healing she rose and served Jesus. Where healing and nurture are given by Jesus the response is the service of God and others. Nurture leads to mission and is for the proclaiming of the gospel. We care for our people not just in traditional pastoral ways but also by developing a depth to their faith; and by building people of character and integrity.

This takes shape practically by the commitment we show to our community in serving them at life’s great transitions: baptism (Christening), marriage, and funerals. We also care for those experiencing hard times by providing food, hospitality and a friendly none judgemental ear.

We care for our children by raising them to know the values of Christ, and for our teenagers and adults by explaining the faith, the liturgy, and sharing new ways of being together as community.

The true Christian can nurture a trustful optimism, because he is certain of not walking alone.

Saint Pope John Paul the Great