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    The February edition of our newsletter is out now. Follow the link to view. February Newslatter

  • Christmas in Words and Music – Thank you to Our Choir!

    Last night, we celebrated our annual service of Christmas in Words and Music, which featured traditional and contemporary Christian and secular readings and choral singing, and all the old favourite Christmas Carols. Thank you to all who came along and enjoyed this beautiful evening, and a special thank you and...

  • Christmas Service times – Please Join us to Celebrate the Birth of Christ!

    Our Christmas service times are listed below. Please plan to join us to celebrate the Birth of Christ!

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    Information on our upcoming events and Special Services. May/June 2016 Newsletter

  • Catholic

    Catholic, from the Greek phrase ‘kata holos‘, meaning “according to the whole”. The word in common English can mean either “all-embracing” or ‘universal’, and is sometimes used in a Church context as “relating to the historic doctrine and practice of the whole Church.” It was first used to describe the...

  • Augustine Of Canterbury


    Icon is a Greek word meaning ‘image‘. Icons are painted images usually of Jesus, The Trinity, A Biblical Passage, or The Saints that are most prominent in the Eastern Orthodox Traditions of Christianity. Sometimes framed, sometimes overlaid in gold or silver, and often very two dimensional. The importance of Greek...

  • One Baptism

    We Believe …Baptism, the sacrament whereby we become members of the catholic church, is for us a very important part of our life together. Baptism and Reconciliation are the two sacraments which may be inferred from the Ancient creeds. In the Nicene Creed, which we declare in our Eucharistic Liturgies, declares ...